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June 2019

I was being accused of serious assault to permanent disfigurement and had lodged a special defence of self-defence. I had admitted what I had done, but my accusers lied about how it came to be. I was looking at 4 - 5 years if I pled guilty, and so I had little choice but to fight it; the truth had to out. I had three previous solicitors before a minute was passed prohibiting me from representing myself; I left one by choice, and two left me because they were inept and I told them so. I do not suffer fools. If you are in search of a solicitor you are about to make – probably – the most important decision of your life; I urge you to not suffer fools either.

I was told by a sheriff during an extension of the first diet in which I was representing myself that I had one week to find a solicitor, if I am unsuccessful, the Court will appoint one to me. I honestly tried to find someone, but soon gave up as it became clear I was a hot potato. This is how I came to meet Miss Ann Ritchie.

We were introduced by the court clerk and Miss Ritchie took her seat next to me, saying, ‘I think the sheriff asked me because I am old’. I took one thing from that sentence at the time: she had been hand-picked by the sheriff to represent me. This, I think, is the greatest accolade a solicitor could have. Yet there was still the issue of me being a hot potato that needed elucidating, and after quite a long discussion about why I argued with every other solicitor, Miss Ritchie agreed to represent me.

Miss Ritchie had the trial adjourned by two months to have the blood on my shirt tested, proving it to be mine. During those two months I had afforded Miss Ritchie the same treatment I had given my previous solicitors and was met with logic, reason and knowledge at each juncture. I had asked that I be consulted before she called ‘no further questions’ in court, and she agreed, and came though on her promise. All I had was my testimony, DNA results, and the truth. I can tell you that my testimony was not pretty, in fact my brother said when I left that I ‘might as well put the chains on now’. Prosecution had three civilian and two police witnesses, photographs of the crime scene, a medical report of the disfigured gentleman and an admittance from me of what I did. The only other factor I had, was Miss Ritchie.

Miss Ritchie won my case by a majority ‘Not Guilty’ verdict.

It must have been some kind of divine intervention with a case that weighted against me. But I don’t believe in God. PD (35yrs)

July 2019

Recently I was falsely accused of harassment and arrested.  The stakes were very high and I was strongly advised to have legal representation. I visited two south side law firms in Shawlands.  One firm was represented by a Trainee Lawyer who simply offered an expensive off-the-shelf service regardless of the trial outcome and would not offer any advice beyond that. Another suggested I should procure the services of “Queens Council”, which would incur seriously high legal costs.
After this I met Ann Ritchie from A Ritchie Solicitors at 550 Paisley Road West, Glasgow G51 1RJ. Ms Ritchie carefully listened to my case and was very re-assuring in her responses. Her personality, character, demeanour and experience convinced me of her effectiveness as a legal counsel. She is a highly professional and competent Criminal Solicitor with more than 20 years’ experience working with Glasgow’s High Court and Sheriff Court. She presented a logical approach going forward for my defence and provided regular updates. She contacted the Procurator Fiscal dealing with my case and convinced him/her the case to be dropped. She is a lawyer I hold in very high regard; she is one who is personally and genuinely concerned on the well-being of her clients and delivering a very cost-effective service.  I would very eagerly recommend her to anyone. WB (63yrs)

I was in need of a lawyer and was referred to Ann by a close friend of mine who highly recommended her. I couldn't have asked for anything more, from our first meeting I knew I had made the right decision. I was very naive and nervous with regards to my case but we sat down and she explained it all and went through everything. She was highly professional, courteous and took the time to analyse all aspects of the case for the best possible outcome. She was always well prepared and knew the legal system inside out, with a great deal of efficiency. The result was above expectations and I am grateful for the outcome. I wouldnt think twice about recommending her in the future, thanks Ann. EP (24yrs)







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